Monday, June 29, 2009

Stuck on the train...

* sign *
There was a problem earlier between Charing X and Waterloo East
stations and now we are stuck "in traffic". Not a good thing when you
are tired and starving. At least the train has air con.

Why tired if I just got back from holidays? Because going to the beach
is tiring! And it's quite hot in London! And I've just been to the gym
and the trainer tried to kill me!!!

Yes, you read correctly. It's very hot in London. I'm not complaining
(just wished we had beaches in London) at all. Times like this I just
wanted to have more summer dresses. English girls can just wear summer
dresses in winter, but I'm not an English girl. And I don't like
feeling too cold or too hot. Temperature as it is (between 25C in the
evening and 30 during the day) is just about right.

Train is moving sloooooooooowly. At least I don't need to pee. Yet.

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  1. hope you got to work alright in teh end. and yeah, just got loads of summer dresses and tops at Primary and all summery here today - as they say... x x x

  2. Summer dresses, nice thought. Can you wear a summer dress with snickers? I cannot wear sandals at work.


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