Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, it's Bank Holiday next Monday. We are going to Southampton on Saturday, will go for a Green Day cover show in the evening, and then Sunday and Monday will be exploring days. There are loads of things to do around: New Forest, with wild horses, Bournemouth and it's sandy beaches, and Isle of Wight - just a ferryboat trip away.

And since the weather is supposed to be nice, I think we will have a fabulous time!

Not to mention that it is Lelei's BIG birthday celebration (the actual day is 28th May though).
Ok, so here is the map. Can you see London (South East?), to the south a bit west is Southampton, on the coast. And it's where we are going. YEY!

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  1. yaaaayyyy I am so friggin' looking forward to it! :)


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