Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One ear is enough

I've started reading this book "Lend me your ears" a few days ago. A bit slow, I must say. Boring, but necessary, I guess. I talk too much. Sometimes I get tired of myself. I wonder if people get tired as well and they are simply too polite to say "shush, my turn". Ever since I started a blog and a fotolog, I don't feel like talking too much anymore, because almost everything is here. Some stuff I don't publicize; it wouldn't be correct. I cannot write things about work as well, one never knows who is reading this blog in English.

We've found a house. I write about it on my Portuguese blog. Lately my heart, my mind and my stomach have been working together to help me on my decisions, and in this case I cannot be so sure if it was the right thing to do. My stomach and mind are OK, but my heart is aching. The thing is: I don't have that much spare time to go around London visiting areas. The areas I like and the flats I would love to live in are so damn expensive. There are not that many nice flats available. Having said , I feel like the decision was a bit rushed. My heart is confused. Could be because we cannot move straight away, we won't be able to clean the place before moving, and my heart didn't speed up when I was there. Sometimes I think I just wanted to get rid of the task of finding a house and move on. Oh well, it's just a rented place. There will be the time that we will have to look for THE flat. The one that will cost us a small fortune and will consume 20 years of our lives to pay. That one will require loads of patience, walks, visits, talks, and the heart will have to decide.

I am a very rational person. I think everything should be explained rationally. Even love. But not home. I always remember a very kitch song by Lynyrd Skynyrd "home is where the heart is, my heart is at home". Can't wait to have this feeling again. Butterflies in my stomach just with the thought of it.

Thanks for lending me your ears (and eyes). :-)

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  1. Funny to read about you finding THE PLACE...

    I love THE PLACE I live in right now, but I know I will have the same problem when I decide to move to another place, with another person...


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