Friday, August 10, 2007

My favourite wonder of nature: the Sun!

You know that sun is something really rare in London. Whenever it decides to shine, people's moods change completely. They look happier, politer, nicer. This week the weather has been just perfect. And so was my busy busy week.

Part of my new role is to travel around the UK. In the future, I might have to travel about four times a week. Quite exciting. Yesterday I've been to a place that I insist in forgetting the name, but the most interesting part (for me) was that I caught the train in King's Cross. It is more or less the station pictured here. More or less because I don't know exactly how this works and I am too lazy to look up on Wikipedia. But it is like this: there is King's Cross train station, King's Cross-St. Pancras tube station and St. Pancras train station. I have a feeling that the one in the picture is King's Cross-St. Pancras tube station. It is quite beautiful. But the most interesting one is King's Cross train station, because it was there that Harry Potter train scene was shot. Yesterday I saw for the first time the Platform 9 3/4. Look at the photo below. hehe

And because the sun is something extremely rare in this country, some companies have this Summer Friday thing. I have am lucky to work for one of those companies. We leave at 3 pm today. YEY!

And the plans for the weekend? Thorpe Park on Saturday. I am scared since the day we bought the tickets, about two weeks ago. I've never been to one of those (below). Last Sunday I was playing in a swing in a park nearby and I felt so sick and dizzy!! It used to be my favourite toy and until my 12's, I used to swing on my hammock in Rio to high and for hours non-stop that I thought my body balance was demaged. May the force be with me!

Sunday I will probably be recovering.

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