Thursday, July 19, 2007

So much to do, so much to say

I don't drink (at least I haven't been drinking lately), I don't smoke, but I feel that lately I'm loosing a bunch of brain cells and they are not being substituted. Funny thing is that I realised that because I have to think in two different languages, I feel like I have more stuff to do than I actually have. And I panic. Oh, yeah, I panic when I am under pressure, when I run out of time, when I have ten urgent things to do at once. I panic, I blog, I write e-mails, I panic a little bit more, and inbetween all these, I also do the stuff I have to. In the end everything goes fine. Some people might say that the stress was for nothing, but I think it is the opposite. Things only work right and on time with me because I get stressed and I make a big deal out of it. And just between you and me: I loved being stressed. It makes me feel useful and busy.
Lately my life has been turning around work, work, work, lots of work, preparing myself to work, being a little bit with Cipri, going to bed and work, work, work. This week I managed to meet Meytal for a quick drink, I went to Rafaela for our English class-massage session, and that's it. I was a bit moody, a bit unpatient, a bit unbearable to be honest.
Now I'm fine. Still at work, finishing some stuff before heading home to do some homework. *sign*


  1. Ai ai, too much information...ahahah
    - O que é aquilo na tua cabeça??? rs
    - gostei do visu do blog, mas o outro era romantiquinho, né, que couve??? =)
    - gostei dos comentários sobre o livro, e concordo contigo, tbém fiquei me questionando as mesmas coisas... suspiro
    Nos falamos amanhã por email, okay?
    obs: segui seu conselho e fiz fotolog novo:
    Maggie jurou que vai postar tbém...ehehe vamos ver....... ;)

  2. Don't overstress too much, ok?? Chronic stress can lead to cancer - the illness, not the astrological sign. ;-)

    Xx M

  3. Engraçado, tenho sentido coisas parecidas...
    Pensado pra caramba na vida...
    Vixe! Lá vou eu!!! hahahahaha
    Espero que vc esteja bem


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