Sunday, June 10, 2007


I gave up the high heels and adopted the suit-and-trainers style. This is quite common in huge cities such as New York and London. The very first time I saw a woman wearing tailler and tennis shoes was in New York, and I was afraid it was the new fashion. So ugly! I was lucky that in Brazil I could go to work wearing jeans and trainers. That "having to wear those formal clothes and high heels" was a kind of... test drive to hell. My poor feet are covered in bruises, blisters and scars. So I decided to adopt the look bellow in name of comfort. Of course I change shoes when I get to the office.

Last week I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Better than the second one and still a nice adventure movie. I enjoy these films, as they are nothing more than pure entertainment. And most of them don't aim nothing more than that. There is something about Pirates... though that enerves me. Although Johnny Depp, the most perfect-weird-gorgeous-wrong-wounderful living creature in the universe is there, although Orlando Bloom is also around, there is this presence that annoys and spoils everthing. Keira Knightley is not only a bad actress, but she is also negatively weird. She is too skinny, she has ugly teeth and smile, she has some problem with her mouth. She is probably daughter of someone very important in the film industry. I wonder if Mari can make one of those voodoo dolls so she can feel all the pain I felt having to watch her for almost 3 hours!

Yeap: new job. This is my boss....

... and those are my colleagues.
Nice place, interesting job, learning a lot, might even have some fun in the end, but if I stay longer, I might have to ask for a raise.

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