Monday, October 30, 2006

Not too bad...

Yesterday we went ice skating. It was a very good experience indeed. I have to confess that in the beginning I was stressed, because I don't like to fall that much. Not because of the fall, but because of the pain. After the first fall, you see that it is not that painful and being run over by a car is worse. The problem is when the first fall comes only after two hours of stress-skating. My theories? Yeah, I love them. I think I was very scared in the beginning, although I was doing quite good when Cipri was holding my hand (holding ONE hand, not the whole me). Feeling safer, maybe. So cute, he didn't even complain about me squeezing his fingers every time someone got too close. After that, I think I was getting physically tired. Ice skating is a very good exercise. You feel your legs working like in a weight lifting class! But, yeah, after skating for awhile and having your feet being smashed in a uncomfortable skate, it is not good anymore. Besides, some suicidal kids arrived and the music became louder and louder. This was more or less when the first - and only - fall came. I think I should be more relaxed and simply go. If it hurts, fine, if the leg breaks fine, if it is an arm even better. I saw some pretty nice falls there and nobody died. Not there, not sure about future complications. Easy to say, hard to let go.

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