Friday, October 27, 2006

Believe it or not...

I still don't have the photos from Nice with me. In fact the camera is not even with me anymore. I have a couple of things that I NEED to do urgently. Download the pics and edit a video. I hope I can do both on the weekend and later next week.

Not many news, but here are some stuff just to keep this blog updated:
* Today we are going to see Josh Groban live. It will be a pocket show for BBC Radio at the Mermaid Theatre. For those who never heard of him, he sounds like those singers from Disney's themes (Beauty and the Beast, Alladin, etc). Ok, I assume, it is for free.

* Sunday we are going Iceskating. The first and only time I've tried was at Barrashopping, when I was 8 years old. 21 years ago... I just hope I won't break my leg again. Ouch!

* Also the British Summer Time ends this Sunday, so the difference between the UK and Brazil will be of 3 hours. When Brazilian Summer Time starts, this difference goes to 2 hours. Yey!

* Still on Sunday. It will be our elections and I have no idea how to justify the non-voting. I tried to find a form online, but I couldn't. I tried to call the consulate and the lines are always busy. Should I ignore and leave it for when I get back to Brazil?

* Next Tuesday will be Halloween. I'm curious to see how the British celebrate the date. Although the Holiday started in Europe, it is more popular in the US. I celebrated it twice, when I used to study in an American school, in Macaé. Our teacher used to distribute candies to the neighbourhood so people would have stuff to give us when we went trick-or-treat. It is quite funny, especially when you are 10 year old. hehehe

* Friday, the 3rd, we are going for a stand-up comedy. I hope I understand at least some jokes. Anyway, the trick is laugh when others laugh. It was in the same situation when I went to a Shakespeare's play at the Globe, with Lilian, Charles and Ciprian. I have absolutely no idea what the story was about (well, at that time, September 2005, I think I had a clue) and missed 80% of the dialogues and jokes. But, hey, I was at the Globe and I am more intelligent for it, huh?

* Films seen so far:
1) Gothika (DVD), a bit scary. I do like horror films, but I also do get scared, especially the ones with ghosts and all that supernatural things.
2) The Last Kiss (cinema). Horror movie about reaching the 30's. I hate this kind of "reality" film that states that either you or your partner will cheat the other at some point and love heals all the wounds. Betrayal - coming from a lover, a friend, or a family member - hurts like hell, especially when there's no logical explanation. I'm not trying to be a moralist here, but I think that it is only possible to forgive when you love the person very very much and even though the trust gets affected. I think I would be able to forgive, but first I would have to control the impulse of killing the person. Thank God I have a higher degree and I can get special prison in Brazil.
3)The Guardian. With Kevin Costner and Aston Kutcher. It's a good film, but I would be happier without the bla bla bla at the end.

Looking forward to see Barnyard and Open Season. And Children of Men. And and and...

* Just to end up the conversation, the British favourite topic: the weather. Yes, it is getting colder and colder and I'm already wearing 2+ long-sleeve shirts. But I think it is not as cold as last year. But it rained more this month than in the 6 months Lilian spent here.

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  1. Open Season may be funny...not sure, I haven't watched this one yet, but I am kind of tired of these animation movies with cute animals...
    Barnyard I don't recommend. It is a little funny...I would expect more. There is a new one called Flushed Away or something like that, that seems good...


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