Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hey life more or less...

Resuming the weekend:

Friday we were supposed to see Paralamas do Sucesso for free in Trafalgar Square. For some obscure reason, the badn didn't show up. Some said it was Varig's fault, some said they they got stuck in a spanish airport. Whatever excuse they give, I don't believe. For me, it was unrespectful with the crowd that was there waiting for this moment. Man, you don't play with the feelings of people that are away from home, willing for a familiar moment like that. Anyway, screw them all, and we - Mariana, Carol, Cipri, Roberto and I - went to a pub nearby and we drowned our sorrows with alcohol.

Drunk people is fire ("bêbado é fogo", BAIXOU CENSURA! hehehehe). In the end, we were talking about relationship between men and women, men and men, women and women and setting a trip to Bahia. Yeah, carnival in Bahia! Three Brazilian manage to convince the two foreigners that Salvador is the best place to go ever. I have to confess that I've never enjoyed carnival (except for the holiday, which is a good opportunity to disappear), especially those in the Northeast, with too much noise, too many people, too many hands touching here and there. Anyway, it was just a plan, it depends on some issues to become true.

Saturday the weather was crap. I was supposed to study, and I think I did it, but not like I was supposed to. I can't remember exactly what I've done on Saturday, except getting two DVDs: Batman Begins and Bad Education. I've seen both, but I am a good friend, so I got them to Cipri and Roberto. We saw Batman Begins this day

Sunday I studied some more. More than Saturday, I'm sure. We watched Bad Education and Eyes Wide Open - Roberto wanted to exorcise the gay scenes of Bad Education from his mind by seeing Nicole Kidman naked, plus a couple of orgy scenes.

And that was it. Nothing really special, as my focus is write, read, think these days. Today I didn't even leave the house and the result was okay. I already have 2/3 of the dissertation ready, but still two (important) authors to read and write about. I think that in the end my dissertation will be longer than requested. The bad part is that I will have to submit a draft this Wednesday.

Many plans for the week(end). We'll see. Final countdown: 7 days to hand in the dissertation; 13 days to departure to Rio de Janeiro.

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