Friday, August 25, 2006

Londoners and some news from Brazil

Me looking at the map on the bus stop while waiting for the bus (dã) and this guy approaches (this guy = a souf east rapper looking guy, around 35+ maybe, wearing a hat and silver rings and collars, and that mustache-beard thingy):
- Are you lost?
- Huh?
- Do you know where you wanna go?
- Yeah, yeah, just having a look at the map.
- Very nice accent.
- Thanks
- Where are you from?
- Brazil
- Great country. Do you want to have a nice meal sometime?
- My bus, excuse me.

Two stops later, I've noticed that the guy was in the same bus. What do I do? Leave the bus, one stop before where I should leave.

- Hey lady, (oh no, the guy again!!!), I forgot to ask you if I can call you sometime.
- I'm married, have two kids and the third is already here in my tummy. Are you sure?
- Ah, ok, sorry. (and he gets into another bus)

Of course, thanks to that intervention, I arrived at the station right on time to see my train departing.

The lesson I've learned? Two, in fact: 1) If the distant is short, walk! 2) If you are late, run!


When you are away from home, the news seem so much more interesting...

* Google might close Orkut in Brazil. Yeah, our sweet people represent 90% of the users of Orkut and some of them (hey, don't look at me!) are using it for illegal activities. These Brazilians, only embarassing us!! tsc tsc tsc
=> Check the message on Orkut: A friendly reminder: We all love so help us keep it clean. Please use the service responsibly and be proactive in reporting abusive profiles and communities. Illegal content will not be tolerated and will be removed.View our Terms of Service.Stay beautiful- orkut team

* João Pereira da Silva, 34, arrested for stealing R$ 10,00 and condemned to 1 year in prison, is serving for over 2 years, in the place of João Pereira da Silva, 28, condemned to 3 years for stealing R$ 162,00. As if the coincidence of names wasn't enough, their parents have the same names too: Pedro Pereira da Silva and Maria Pereira da Silva. Here is a lesson: common and simple names are nice, but look what they can do to you!


By the way, I have a visa to the USA valid until 2008. I hope I can go before it expires or before the world ends, whichever comes first.


By the way 2, I'm going to visit my friend Mariana, who lives in London, in Rio. How cool is that? Last year the international meeting was between USA and UK, when I met Eriquinha and Mauricio, again in Rio. This city only brings me joy, isn't it? :-D


Soundtrack of the evening, night, dawn:
Terence Trent D'Arby (remember him? "Wish me love a wishing well to kiss and tell"). I love the opening track: "If you all get to heaven, say a prayer for my mother, say a prayer for my father, say a prayer for my brother... but most of all, please, say a prayer for me".


  1. Muito educativo esse post. Varias licoes:-) Muito engracada sua resposta pro cara: 2 filhos, um a caminho e casada. Uau! Just in case, apenas uma dessas coisas nao fosse suficiente...

  2. I had no idea you also like TTD!! That album is a classic. Reminds me of my youth. ;-)


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