Thursday, July 20, 2006

On friendship (again!) and this hot weather!

So, my dearest friends, according to many e-mails in my inbox, today is your today! I have no idea when this "date" was created, but it's the Friend's International Day! :-) I am preparing a nice chicken breast fillet to celebrate! You know, I don't cook, so when I cook there's something special happening.

I was reading the news and guess what? 13 people dead because of the heat in Europe. Nopes, not me, I'm still alive! I have to confess one thing: although the temperatures here didn't go to 40°C and anything above 38°C is "a new record", I feel that this city is hotter than Rio. Maybe because every store or office you go in Rio have air conditioning, almost all buses, the tube (line 1 at least), my house, your house. At least a very good fan. Where I live (used to) is quite fresh, despite of the heat. And also we have the beach, so we can refresh with a nice swim. Here? Pffff, some places have fans, one fan per room. Maybe in offices you have air con, those ones with 10 computers per room. And poor river Thames, makes no difference at all. Hmmm, in fact, I think it's a bit fresher near the river.

But please, I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!!!! I hate to sweat, I hate the smell in buses, I hate the stove that the tube is transformed into, but I definetly prefer having three cold baths per day than having my skin cracking, my nose bleeding, my legs and feet purple, because of that damn cold and wind. I just wish Bournemouth was closer. Beach is always good.

By the way, I read somewhere that the authorities are very concerned that this summer will be as hot as in 2003, where 15,000 people died in Europe. 15,000 people????? W-O-W. Let's give water to the elderly!

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