Tuesday, July 18, 2006

On alcohol, TPM (sic), friendship, hapiness and others

July 18th - today is Lorena's and Cris' birthdays. They are two good friends, the former from São Paulo, the latter from Rio. I know Lorena since beginning of 98, when she used to spend her school holidays in Rio; she was only 12 years old. I met Cris in 2000, we used to work together and since then she became one of my best friends. Despite the difference of age (8 years), Lorena and I used to go out a lot. She is very intelligent and talent and now her band is even one of the semi-finalists of Lollapalooza Festival. You can help them by voting at: http://www.freshtracksmusic.com/lolla2006/showartist.aspx?aid=50757&sgn=Indie%20Rock. Anyway, today I'm drinking (Bacardi Breezer, orange, so good) on their honor! And I am already drunk.

I just had a big big Barcardi Breezer bottle, but it was so hot and I drank so fast (ok, ok, didn't have lunch today) that... look at me... txk.

I am in my TPM (sic). How would it be in English...? PMT? Whatever. I don't feel like being on TPM, but I am. I mean, it's not because I want the world to explode that I am on my TPM. It helps, but I am also very tired and so unpatient and I was before getting to this period. Just to let it registered, in case I shout bad words at you.

I have spent the last hours searching for travel destinations. I'm planning to travel around (Around where? Europe maybe?) in September, for a month. I've found the inter-rail - train pass - which seems very interesting. Just need to be a little more corageous to get my backpack and travel alone! Such a shame that I cannot travel at niht with that pass and save on hostels! :-D

Oh, the mobile arrived. Me back to the world!

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