Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup, summer and other goodies

Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, the World Cup started and all our attention is driven to the television. I like to see the games, but some of them are sooooooooooooo boring. Like England x Paraguay. Tsc tsc tsc, what a waste of time. Besides Brazil, I am supporting other countries. Ecuador being the only one I was sure about, from the games so far. I have to confess that I was really divided between Argentina and Ivory Coast, because I naturally sympathize with African teams, but being in London, I tend to support South/Latin American teams. I know it is against Brazilian policies to support Argentina, but the game was quite good and 'nuestros hermanos' played very very well. And I am a fair person; it was the best game I've seen so far.

Sunday was an outdoor day, no football for me. I went to Kew Gardens and then for a walk by the riverside in Richmond. I must say that Richmond is the prettiest place I've been to in London so far. A lot of trees, green, beautiful mansions, nice houses, pubs, happy and healthy people everywhere. When I get rich, I wanna live there! :-D It seems quite far off, but it is only 20 minutes by train from Waterloo station and guess what?! the trains have air conditioning. For the Brazilians: the summer in London can be worse than in Rio, my dears. If you are by the shadow, it is fine, otherwise you can barely breathe. And there are those cotton-like things flying all over that make you allergic! But I'm not complaining. I prefer it like this (well, let's see July). One thing is for sure: I will avoid the tube as much as I can!

On Saturday we went for a typical summer program in London: sun bathing on Hyde Park! Quite good. Hot sun, nice shadows. We so need a beach – or a swimming pool – here! Maybe the bathtub…

Plans for next weekend: Saturday we might go to Brighton (beach!!!!) and Sunday we will eat ‘feijoada’ while supporting Brazil (vs. Australia – what a hard task to divide my heart between the two most beautiful countries in the world).

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