Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Today I fell off of the bed at 7.30 am. I'm taking vitamins so I don't get sick. I'm trying to live a better life, starting this week. I'm also trying to focus on my final project, but my mind is in Greece. I haven't decided between French, Italian, Spanish or singing classes yet. New MAX/MSP course in July, intermediate level, but not for me this time. My video camera arrived; it is so petit, the size of my hand. I'm doing the laudry and thinking about organizing my mess. I think too much, all the time, I'm thinking right now, and now, and now. About Greece, school, room, courses, life, next weekend and the film tonight. United 93. My friend Ines will give birth quite soon. Baby Isaac was supposed to arrive in May, I was told, but I think he is too comfortable inside mom's belly or he is waiting for Brazil's first game. Smart boy. I'm feeling like Nicholas Cage's character in Adaptation. Goodbye!

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