Monday, June 26, 2006

So far so good! Part 2 of many

January 2006 was cold, rainy, dark, I had two essays to hand in, classes to attend, but it was also the period of meeting up again, with friends and love. I even manage to see Laine for one day! I went to Cirque du Soleil, which I enjoyed quite a lot.

February 2006 was the month we became members of UGC cinemas, paying a monthly fee and going whenever we want to the cinema. First month: 20 films! I’m not going to mention that the weather was still crap. Oh, this month Lilian also left us and went back to Brazil. We went together to The Darkness, at the Alexandra Palace, a very nice place.

Cipri’s birthday was in March 2006, same month that I did MAX/MSP course (Saturdays, from 10 to 18h). I was still very cold in London. No more classes for me.

April 2006 I had a two weeks break and I went to a nice and sunny place, where I could swim and get sun burned, eat good food, and relax, and again be away from Cipri, which brought Mick Jagger back to my head. I had two essays to hand in, Adriana was in town and I went to the theatre for the third time in London; this time was the musical The Producers. Very funny!

The weather pretended to get better in May 2006. It was still annoyingly cold, but we could feel nature’s effort to make London warmer. I had to present my minor project (a kind of practical essay). And this is all I can remember about May!

June 2006. World Cup, projects, show, getting fatter and fatter, getting old, the weather is nice. Some days in the park, some in pubs watching games, some at friend’s place, some eating, some sleeping, most of them at the lab. Cake, candles, chocolate, sadness, anxiety. So far, so good.

For the future: July/August 2006, Greece. August 2006, Pearl Jam at Reading Festival. September 2006, dissertation hand in and I’m free. October 2006, one year together. Either working or traveling around Europe, whichever comes first.

The huge post is because I might be away (no news, good news) for awhile, working on my project and our show/exhibition. For those who are in London or plan to come: from July 13th to 16th I will exhibit my project (a jukebox). Feel free to come. It’s free!

P.S.: I might edit this post later one (include more facts and photos).

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