Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer

The traveling insect bit me again this morning, while I was checking Mariana's blog (see link on the left), where you can find a colorful map of the Great Britain (hmmm, England, Scotland and Whales?).

The problem with this huge island is the wind, which is really annoying when the temperature is not over 25°C. Another problem is that the summer lasts 3 months MAXIMUM. So, in theory, you have 3 months to explore the coast. But, remember, the prices here are in pounds (R$ 4.00), the weather changes all the time and some places are not that close to London. Plus, it is very tempting to go abroad, with so many nice places surrounding us and the option of flying with budget airlines.

This year was quite unfair, as there is also the World Cup, decreasing the summer and increasing the prices everywhere for a month. Not to mention that my final project presentation is due to July 13th, right after the Cup, and it's consuming loads for neurons.

I tried to calculate how many years I will have to live in London, how much I need to earn and how many weekends I have to travel in order to visit the whole UK, but as I am not good at all with math and I don’t want to get depressed, I’ve stopped when I realized that it would take me more than 10 years.


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  2. english, please!

  3. ú-tererê! e hoje? risos ok, in English... what about today? ;) Got it?
    i love you!!!!!!!!


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