Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How deep is your love

Nobody deserves (in Portuguese this expression is so much nicer) to read Baudrillard and simulation-simulacro theories with Bee Gees playing inside the head. I'm at the library now; I've brought my laptop, we have a good internet conection down here. These trips to the library are part of my plan to study and write my essays as soon as possible, but I have to confess that I have a concentration problem, especially when I have to focus on something I don't like or that irritates me.

The topics of my essays are quite easy. One is about what happens to the distinction between art and entertainment with ambivalent interactive media such as video games. Honestly, I think that this question has no purpose, as I do believe that there is a very thin line between art and entertainment despite ambivalent interactive media. Go to the Tate Modern. Is that crap art? What is art and who decides what is art anyway? The other essay is about Brazilian soap operas and its influence in different cultures. This is not so simple, as by different cultures I mean other countries. Well done, Flipper, where are you going to get this information?

The sun is gorgeous outside, no clouds on the sky (it was black about 10 minutes ago), although is windy and cold. Nothing like between November and February though. The College is desert. We were supposed to be on easter holidays. I like it that way. I like people around, but not too many people. A few. The world population could be reduced to half that I wouldn't mind. Starting with London. Let's reduce all the ungly people here. Hmmm, this would be more than half of the population, especially if we use my aesthetics parameters. Ok, let's stop with that, otherwise I'll be accused of prejudice (hey, I would eliminate Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of the world, as they don't fit on my aesthetic pattern, but would keep Thom Yorke and Robert Smith).

Yes, I am trying to avoid the texts. Unfortunately I can't use my own ideas on my art vs. entertainment essay and say that all that modern art is rubbish, so I need to find a philosopher/theorist that say that and quote him (yeah, "him", usually well-known philosophers are men; they have this capability of thinking and writing non-senses and getting money out of it).


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