Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Good morning, and good luck!

Today I'll try to cook a chicken strogonoff. I'm a bit scared, because I don't cook at all and usually I leave the kitchen so messy that I always promise to myself that I'll never cook again. But, I'll give me another chance; maybe I'm those kind of talent that blooms after some years exercising. I will post photos of the damage later.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy the stuff to cook this thing. I couldn't find the cream my friend Lalá said it was the one, so I bought another option. So, I got cream, chicken breast, onions, garlic, tomato cream and ketchup. I almost didn't buy the latter; I could just take all the ketchup I had on my coat and it should be enough. Yeah, yesterday a ketchup bottle committed suicide right by my side and the blood went all over me. Honestly I didn't see what has happened, but I think the basket next to me was packed and the bottle slipped on the floor.
Funny how you seem so unlucky when you are on your period days; it's like all the bad things in the world will happen during this period. If something like this happened to me a week ago, I would swear and would keep on with my shopping. But yesterday... yeah, yesterday was different. I starred at my formely-blue-actually-red coat for a minute, trying to understand why God was doing this to me. Weren't all the rain, the cold, the pollution, the skin cracks, the incomprehensible books, the cellulite, the tasteless food, and the Date Movie enough punishment for this sinner, this bad Catholic girl? Did I really need to go through this probation to deserve a place in paradise?! After 30 seconds with no Divine reply, I wiped a tear drop that was almost running on my face and asked for a tissue to a Sainsbury's employer - to clean myself, not to cry.
OK, I must be exagerating a little bit, but this is how a mind on pre-mestrual-tension works!

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