Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Monday...

I don't like Mondays. Never did. Never will. Due to my actual "condition" (sorry, I'm influenced by Memento), I not only don't like Monday, I hate them!

Let's talk about the weekend then. I manage to get some sunlight. A long time ago I saw an interview with a lady who used to "eat" sunlight. I don't remember the details, but she used to look at the sun for awhile, everyday, and that was it, she had her daily meal. I vaguely remember something about eating some sort of green leaves, maybe to help with the photosynthesis. I tried it this weekend, it was good, but I had to eat proper food too.

Anyway, I feel I need to do (make, go on?) photosynthesis. It may sound a kind of Kafkanian (huh?) delirium, but I'm almost sure that these almost 6 months in London have transformed me into a vegetable. The facts: 1) according to Maryam, my natural color is olive,which is green. Like vegetables; 2) I haven't been moving that much here. Like vegetables; 3) I feel like I'm dying in this &$^#%@ weather. Like vegetables would ; and at last, but not least, 4) I'm becoming bitter, exactly like vegetables taste!

Wanna continue with the horror show?! It's been a month since I've gotten Cineworld's unlimited card and it's proven to be really profitable. Since January 29th, I've seen 19 films with it. Here is the list: Frozen, Breakfast on Pluto, The Chronicles of Narnia, Chicken Little, Munich, Match Point, Proof, Hidden, Final Destination, Aeon Flux, March of the penguins, Casanova, Fun with Dick and Jane, Walk The Line, Date Movie, The Fog, Lucky Number Slevin, Capote and Lady Vengeance. I don't like odd numbers, I should see another one today or tomorrow to make it 20. If I would pay for all these films, they would cost me £ 104.50, which means that I saved £ 90.51 this month. And this leads us to a conclusive statement: I'm not only becoming a plant; I'm becoming an economically advantageous moss. Freak!

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