Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Speaking of Miss Grumpy

Work has taken most of my energy (this time is really work) to the point I question myself why I'm doing this. Should I just now care? Should I just get in late, leave early/on time?

I really like my job and I really like having the job done, but lately we have had more and more to do but less people to do the work.

I try to keep my focus in 2010, but sometimes it's hard. I had to postpone my visit to the consulate to renew my passport 5 times and hopefully I'm going tomorrow because I booked 1/2 day holiday (nobody does that!).

Ok, had my moaning moment. Now the conclusion: yeah, it's annoying but I like to have the job done so I'll never get on time, leave on time unless the job is done. But most important: I'll have other problems to deal with next year. :)

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