Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Can you see me?

Hi there! I'm mummy & daddy's little baby. I guess I'm about 13 weeks now - mum gets confused because they count my weeks in a very weird way - and I'm 7cm 'tall'. Mum & Dad saw me for the first time yesterday and they were so happy and excited. In the beginning I wasn't really happy to be awaken, but then I got all excited that they were watching (how do I know? well, I live in my mummy's tummy, so I know everything that goes on with her: when she is hungry, happy, sad, sleepy and when she needs to pee - and this is normally my fault, because I'm sitting on her bladder. Plus, I can also hear and I heard she calling me "lazy like her"). I jumped up and down and waved at them and by the sound of the laughter, they both saw me.

Although I'm only 7cm, I'm pretty much a complete baby. Need to improve some bits and pieces but mostly all I need to do from now on is grow. Mum will ensure she provides me with enough (good) food and she rests a lot, so I can grow big, intelligent and handsome like daddy.

Uncle Italiano says I have my dad's eyes. Well, this will be a surprise for the day I'm born, which is schedule for the 16th May 2010 by the way. Of course, this is just a tentative day - the actual day will depend on my mood and on the moon. I hope I don't get my mum's anxiety, otherwise I'll come before the date. She can't wait to see me and she has been having dreams about me already. The latest dream? I was this cute little boy (I'm cute, I'm little, but she doesn't know the sex yet) and she was trying to give me a bath - but she was using water from the fridge!!!! C'ommon, mum, you will have to learn quickly. I can't have bath with cold water - don't even think about it. Don't even dream about it!

Ok, I'm going to leave you for now; I have to give the blog back to the owner. It was a pleasure talking to you and I hope I will meet you all when I'm out of a comfy home. Oh, oh, and I have a secret to share: I heard mum is looking for a new address to blog. She said that since I came into her life, the sky is not so gray anymore. Or it is, but she doesn't care. Mummy loves me alright. :-)


  1. quer parar de me fazer chorar, por favor!?!?!?
    que lindo! to tao emocionada... e solucando =|
    beijos e abracos apertados pros 3

  2. How nice :-)!
    The sky is blue now? Or pink, we will find out in a few weeks ;-)

  3. And surely the baby will be as expressive and inspired and a good writer like mummy!

    I am going to be an aunt! So excited!

    Don't forget to keep us up-to-date to EVERYTHING!

  4. I ALSO LOVE YOU ALREADYYY!!!! Can't wait to be closer to you!!!!!
    gosh, i'm also crying. how come?
    sooo happy!!!!
    aunt lili
    the tangerine weird girl

  5. Little baby, people wrote more comments to your post then to any of your moms post. Maybe because you are so cute. And you make everyone weep for joy.


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