Thursday, November 05, 2009

About pregnancy

I hope I'm not boring you all taking about this everyday (hmm, yeah, daily posts now), but since this is new news, I have to talk about it. I spent 12 weeks holding it to me and I'm really bad about keeping my own secrets.

So, we found out that 'we were' expecting a baby in September, sometime around the 5th. I was at home with a friend from Brazil when I did the test, but I didn't tell her. I wanted to tell Mr. C first, of course. He was out, fixing something in the car. So I texted him the exam results (the image I posted a couple of days ago). I was happy, but I couldn't say anything. When he got home, I was expecting some sort of smile or a hug or... anything. But nothing. So I asked if he received my message. He didn't see it!!!! Yes, this is Mr. C. He sees the messages hours later. Anyway, so he looked at it, gave me a huge smile. It was the first day of the rest of our lives. :-)


I'm having an ok pregnancy. I get sick from time to time - but I learned that I simply cannot eat as much as I did, it needs to be small portions and all the time. I can eat anything, I don't get sick with smells, tastes, anything. Just quantities.
I've also been VERY EXTREMELY tired. Beyond acceptable. You remember all the complaints from previous posts? Always about how tired I was? Yeap, it wasn't only work, my friends. The little fellow just drained my energy. 8 pm I was already falling asleep, couldn't wake up with the alarm, sleepy all day at work. I'm much better now. It's 22h15 and I'm still here. A week ago? I was in bed an hour ago.
I also had a very weird week: 7 days with non-stop head-face ache + neck-back pain + not sleeping. Really annoying. So annoying I was off sick for the first time in years. Just one week.
But all in all, I'm all good and everything is perfectly manageable.


In England it's common to keep quiet in the first 12 weeks. So I did. But I really wanted to tell everybody straight away. It's such a good and different feeling.


The scan is just one of the most wonderful experiences I had so far. It's just amazing to see the baby and see it moving. I loved it! And I totally understand why Tom Cruise bought a ultrasound machine to see his daughter all the time. He is a freak but seeing the baby in the womb is just amazing (and addictive).


People who are thinking about having kids shouldn't think too much. If you think, you won't have it. There's no such thing like "the right time". The right time is the moment you think about it the first time.
Ok, let me rephrase this: if you have a partner, you love your partner, you are happy with your life (and by happy I just mean satisfied, not depressed and looking for a scape for all the bad things surrounding you), at least one of you have a job, you are not underage or not too young, go for it, don't think too much.


Please be patience with me. I'll still write about other stuff too, I promise. :-)


  1. Mauricio12:50 AM

    Totally 100% agree with the timing thing. People keep postponing it, but there is never the right time. Just go for it.

  2. Hi, I have already commented here a while ago, I'm not sure if you'll remember me. You live in London as well, don't you? Well, I'm 15 weeks now (and I have exactly the same picture of the same pregnancy test) and I'd love to exchange some opinions and views about things around here, where you're going to give birth, these sorts of things.
    PS: congrats for the baby!

  3. Yei! Congrats Christina! Well, should all be better now that you've passed the first trimester...the second one is usually the easiest and you'll probably feel bursting with energy soon....take care of yourself and enjoy!!!:)
    Carmen, Ake, Andrei and Sofia(1 wk to go)


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