Thursday, August 27, 2009

On the train home after a busy day at work...

Left work at 9pm today, missed a train and have to wait another 20 min
for the next one. Nothing unusual, but I'm quite tired and there's a
very noisy and annoying woman next to me - I wish I could turn her

Yes, yes, we are going to Brazil. I have panic attacks with the idea
sometimes. I had a dream that I was praying before boarding the plane
because I was scared of a plane crash. I also get stressed with the
idea that Cipri won't like Rio. I mean, it's my favourite place in the
world, despite all problems, and I have many happy memories that in my
mind it is not possible not to like the place. But believe me, I met
people that didn't like it.

It's not like I want to move back for good, but now that I'm away, I
feel like going back to do all the things I postponed because 'I was
living there and could do some other time'.

It's been three years. I hope I won't be disappointed.

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  1. Chris, I go through the same things! In my case is even worse because I am taking Mr J to Sao Paulo, a much more boring city! And I always think people won't remember about me anymore,won't like me anymore. Is always so stressful to go back. But when I get there everyone is genuily so happy to see you, it all goes away. Without failure. I am sure Cipri will love Rio who wouldn't, it is wonderful!!! Just relax and enjoy! ;)


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