Thursday, July 23, 2009

Now we are talking!

I've been working out - hard, but not hard enough - for quite a while now. I can see results - good, but not yet great - and I'm quite happy. Two weeks ago I decided to follow a new eating plan - not dieting, but controlled food intake if it makes sense.
Without following it by the book - as with gym - I've managed to loose 4 pounds or 1.8 Kg in two weeks. Not too bad. :-)
I'll try to behave with food and increase the days at gym (at least an extra day would do) so I can see better results!


  1. so proud of you!! :))) too bad I HATE going to the gym... and even worse that I caN'T live w/o chocolate... pasta... bread... chocolate again, cheese, salami, cakes... :(

  2. As I told you yesterday, I cans ee teh results already! You go girl!!


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