Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And it's only Tuesday...

Last week was so busy and long that Ihave the feeling I didn't have a proper weekend and that today is Thursday, not Tuesday. That's bad, isn't it?
Plans for the week? I'm trying to meet with two friends and hopefully I'll manage to see them this week - on different days. I'm also trying to find a date to go to the gym. Yesterday I was really tired and lazy, today I'm not coming back to London until 6pm, so not really sure how I'll do that. Oh, yes, I don't like to go to the gym too late in the evening, as I have problems sleeping afterwards. I'm also going to check with the eating programme I'm on is working and this is Thursday - fingers crossed for a positive result.
I'm hungry!

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  1. Boss is gone for the week, so I am in no hurry for this week to end.


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