Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life in the new house...

* A mess, a BIG mess. It's against my principles to post photos of my messy place, but I couldn't resist. Here are images from our living room (a dumping ground), bedroom (an empty mess) and the 2nd bedroom (a battle field).

This is half of the living room. The blue chairs and this white chairs won't stay there. The pictures will eventually be hanged on the wall and - although there are not that visible in this photo - the bunch of bags next to the book shelves will be removed.

I don't know why Cipri needs two lamps, but yes he has two lamps on his bedside table. The bed is ALWAYS this mess. The bedroom will be very empty - we have a fitted wardrobe and that's all.

Oooooh, how can I explain this one? We have two wardrobes, one computer desk and loads of luggages in there. Scary stuff.

* We are only working on the house on the weekend. So this mess will be around for some days...

* TV and internet are working. We are waiting for the phone to be installed. Probably by the end of this week.

* The house is cosy and warm. Unlike the previous house I don't like leaving this house and I love coming back home.

* It's a bit noisy. Main road.

* We still don't know how the heating works. We don't have gas - everything is electric. But I found out how to turn the hot water on. YEY!

* Trying to convince Cipri to buy some bit and pieces to the house.

* I can't find my clothes and the pile of dirty laundry is increasing...

* I'm usually very hungry. I prefer to think it is the weather, not the house. :-)


  1. Wow it's nice and it's as we're saying a "happy house". I know how it is to have a big mess in the house for weeks and to be able to work it out only in week-ends...but in the end you realize was worth all the effort. Succes!

  2. I see you are reading my blog. I should post more often.


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