Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting there...

Slowly our little house is looking for like a home. All the wardrobes have been built (big thank you to Cipri) and we are now unpacking our luggages and finding places for things. We have plenty of space in the kitchen's cupboards (or little things to fill them with), but I can't still figure out where things should go.

We are a bit lazy when it comes to work hard to organize everything at once and then just enjoy the flat. We prefer to take it easy and do a little bit every weekend.

We had another beautiful weekend - the 3rd sunny weekend in a row - and sun is always good. Lelei says it is always sunny when we have to do something indoors and it's true. So we decided to go out on Sunday and leave the mess behind. We went to Battersea Park a very pretty park South West London. Lelei was really clever and brought some snacks. When it was cold and unbearable to stay outside we went to a Greek restaurant in Earl's Court. Great starters, ok food. Not bad, but not delicious.

Back home, another couple of hours putting the d doors and tidying up a bit. It doesn't seem a very exciting weekend, but I can assure it was quite good! looking forward to the next one.

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