Friday, September 19, 2008


We are using our little old car to make the whole move. Why not hire a car and crew to do that? some might ask. This is England, the home of D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself).

Nobody hires nobody to do anything. When I said at work that I had a cleaner that comes to our place every week, they've looked at me like I was from Mars! This is a luxury in this country. You don't pay people to do anything for you - you Do It Yourself. Cleaning, assembling furniture, even refurbishing a house! Our neighbour has changed his roof, the flooring, the windows, doors, etc, all by himself and a couple of mates. And this is going on since February!!!!

Another thing I miss from Brazil. :-(

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  1. You need to move to US. Country where everything is done for you. People here do not cook for themselves, do not clean their houses, do not mow their lawn, whatever chore you can think of there is a mexican you can hire to do it for you.You just need to have/make money.


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