Wednesday, September 24, 2008

American vc British teeth

Didn't get to the end of the article, but it is uite funny to read this:
"Americans have the idea uniformity is equivalent to looking good. The British character is more free-spirited, more radical," says Professor Liz Kay, dean of the Peninsula Dental School in Exeter and Plymouth.

British people are famous for bad teeth and honestly it is not because they are not white and straight. It is because they are rotten. I'm neither one nor the other. Like to have nice teeth, but don't care about being snow-like white. I'm more concerned about having healthy teeth and not scarying little kids when I smile. Yes, I wore braces in the past - twice! Not fun, not it isn't. Hope I don't have to wear it again.

So... here is me breaking my own rules. I was supposed to say only good things, eh?

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