Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What a difficult film...

We have been trying to see Wall-E but everytime we go something happens and we need to change our plans. So yesterday we saw The Dark Knight instead. It is a good film - a bit to long for my bum and knees, but still a good film. The only thing I don't like about sequels (well, there are more than one, but it doesn't matter now) is when the replace the actor/actress of the previous film but keep the character. I know that there have been 5 or so different Batmans, but the last two featured Christian Bale as Batman - so why Rachael is one person in one and another in the sequel? This is no good to me. I don't like Katie Holmes, but I get confused with all these changes, you know?

Hopefully next week we will manage to see Wall-E. Fingers crossed.

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