Friday, August 08, 2008

I got back from Ireland yesterday. The plane landed around 21h, only half and hour late. But I had to wait for my luggage, which took at least 20 min.

At least the driver was outside waiting for me and I could just relax the whole way home. Times like this I realise how far I leave. It took me 1h30 to get home. I think.

The driver took me through places I've never been before - or I've never notice before. Maybe he wanted to show me a whole new world or just remind me of my poor little life in the suburbs (apply the Brazilian meaning here) of London. We passed by some really posh area such as St John's Woods (Sir Paul MacCartney and Kate Moss live there, just to name a few), and some streets in the Regent's Park area. The houses are shamefully big! It vaguely reminded me of a rich neighbouhood in Houston, Texas, and its mansions with greek columns at the entrance. The driver told me that they belong to the rich arab family who send their kids to school in England. Actually there was this beautiful mosque in the area, huge and richly decorated, looked more like a palace.

When I say "shamefully big" is because London has such bad problems with housing and space that it is embarrassing that a handful of spoiled kids actually live in a 15 bedroom house and they don't have to do much for it. Anyhoo, maybe it's just me wanting a bigger slice of the cake, or in a grumpy mood, but when I think that a 'cheap' small two bedroom house in East London can cost £250,000 (500,000 american dollars?) I can't be in a better mood.

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