Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Back in Brazil - not sure about other countries, but I'm too lazy to research about it - we say that August is the month of the witches, or the mad dog. The month where everything goes wrong. From a painful bump on your favourite toe to a plan crash, anything can happen. This said, no wonder why the temperature dropped to 16°C (and should go to 13° later in the week) during high summer. If you are outside Europe you might now know, but August is the month where all Europeans take summer holiday and go to the beach. British being smart, they go to Greece, Spain, Portugal or any other "normal" country.

Cipri being half-British and me being 100% Brazilian in need to sunburns and water, we are planning a trip to Tenerife (Canaries Islands) end of October-beginning of November. It's been ages since we last traveled far (Marocco, for Christmas and New Year), so time has come.

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