Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Don't you love technology?? Now I can post on my blog while waiting for Cipri to join me at the cinema, or when I'm on the train, or when I'm bored in a meeting. Oh well, don't think it will be possible in this case, you know, eye contact in meetings is very important.

Let me tell you that Leicester Square is packed at this very moment.

Let me also tell you that I've lost the battle against the voice and ended up at Burger King, eating a lousy meal (really, tasteless and unhealthy) instead of running or going to the gym.

Another thing to tell you is that thanks to my friend Lelei I'm now into running. Ok, ok. I've just been running once (yesterday to be precise) but I am already totally addicted. I so want to run again and again. During the running I feel really tired and all in pain. Must be the same feeling when you have a horrible job but a wondeful salary... I don't know because I don't have a wonderful salary.

What else I have to tell... Oh, I have pictures to post, but they are all at home.


  1. Running is supposed to make you fell good because you produce endorphins. I do not really understand it very well myself, but it sounds cool.
    How is Burger King? We only tried McDonald's.

  2. Do you know that part in Pulp fiction where John Travolta explains the difference between McD in states and Europe?


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