Friday, July 25, 2008


Deja vu?
Nah, just me taking a week to post here.
What's new?
Mum's flying back to Brazil today. I'm off at 2pm to pick her up and take her to Heathrow. As you know - or not - Heathrow, like almost all airports in London (we have five), is far, or as we say: where Judas losts his boots/where the wind turns the corner.
We went to a short trip to Paris - going Sunday morning coming back Tuesday evening. Last time I was in Paris was 10 years ago: mid-May 1998 to be more precise. And of course, with my selective memory, I didn't remember that Paris was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lovely. The city is just gorgeous and reminds a lot of Rio. Rio's architecture was influenced by the French architecture, so the buildings are very similar. And for some reason, we are also very relax. I always thought it was because we had the beach in Rio, and the most wonderful views (for a 6-million-inhabitants city at least), but maybe it could just be the nature of the people. But then again, I would say that Brazilians - and cariocas in particular (people from Rio) - are closer to the Portuguese and the Spanish than to the French.

See this view? It's about 15 minutes walking from my flat. In fact, if you look carefully at the left hand side of it, almost out of the picture, you will see a tall building. I used to work there and walk everyday from and to the house.

Ok, this is not a post about Rio and how gorgeous the city is. It's about what has happened during these last days.

Yesterday we had dinner at a Portuguese restaurant called A Torre. Yummy food. I'll try to cook the bacalhau (cod fish) we had - seems quite easy.

I've been cleaning the house a lot with my mum here. We are already in the moving-mode so I'm trying to pack as much as I can (yes, I am very anxious), at least what we are not using. In a month from now we will handle your notice and in two months we will handle the keys. Another 'year' has gone by!

Tomorrow I'm working. Have to wake up at 5am. The event goes until 5.30pm, but only God knows what time I'm leaving the place. The good news is that I'll have an extra day off.

And Sunday we have an engagement party to attend. Should be fun and I'll try to fit in my nice green dress. :-)

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  1. Thank God some is still writing on their blog. I enjoyed Paris too. And my 2 nieces, and now we have a nephew. We must plan a trip there soon.


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