Thursday, July 03, 2008

Old pictures, new post

Ok, so I finally remembered and took the time to post some images that I have here at the office. I haven't been so inspired lately, but thanks to technology we now have cameras on our mobiles and can take photos from "those" moments.
A while ago I was waiting for my train to Charing X at Platform 6 in London Bridge when I spotted this bag. PanAm. Why is this thing coming back? I guess there is a TV show or a play named PanAm. I remember my uncle having a bag - the original, he got from the air company. He used to wear it even after the company closed down. I think I've seen a couple of other people with these bags after first seeing this lady. People like the past or what?

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but we are moving in the end of the year. Mid-September to be more precise. I could list a number of reasons, but I will stick to two:
* See the picture on the left? This is our garden. This rubbish is the neighbour's. The garden is part of OUR house, but he used it to dump his rubbish. He is refurbishing the house and because he changed the roof and the roof is part of the sharehold (meaning that our landlord has responsibilities as well), he said it was his right to dump this rubbish there. It was like this for months! Now it is partially cleared, but we still have old tiles, bricks and old doors and windows and the neighbour said he won't take them out! This country is so unbelievable: we called the council and guess what? The lady said that the guy has permission to do the refurbishment, doesn't have a time to finish and the issue with the garden needs to be solved with the landlord (just between us, life in Earth will vanish before this guy does anything). Anyway, the second main reason is that this house is extremely cold in winter even with the heating on. We don't want to go through it again!

Another picture taken with my mobile camera. This was in Bristol and it was taken in May, I guess. This is Bristol Bridge (I'm making the name up) and part of the Gorge. Bristol is alright, I guess, nothing really special, we won't probably go again, but at least is very close to Bath, which is so sweet and cute!

Tell, how disgusting is this? I hate snails. Not that I was attacked by one, but honestly, they are so eewww. And they live a trail of yuk when then crawl... We have loads at our actual place because of all the rain and humidity. We have the ones without the shell as well - equally disgusting.

That one was taken in our first visit to Roberto's house and to Holland Park (the posh West London). Mr. Peacock was trying to seduce Miss Peacock, but with the crowd around I think she was shy and he didn't have any success. I guess he was so desperate that even a pigeon he was trying to seduce.
What's the point in being so pretty if you can find a date?


  1. Chris dearest, why don't you move to East London - Forest Gate, to be more precise???!!! The apartment below ours is still vacant. Wolfie and I went to check it out the other day - great place!! 2 good sized bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a garden!!!! Think about it. We even thought about taking it ourselves - if moving weren't such a pain, we would have done it. Not to mention the lovely neighbors you'd get...

  2. Nice pics. Thanks for taking the time to post them.

  3. Mauricio2:16 AM

    Get out of there!!!!!! Move, move, move!!!


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