Thursday, July 10, 2008

More not so old stuff

The photo doesn't make justice to the taste. This is a typical Brazilian dish called Boboh, made of cassava and shrimps, so tasty that makes you cry. Not something you can eat everyday if you are on a diet. Plus, shrimps are very expensive lately, especially the fresh ones.

The thingy around the plate was a "British" touch - Yorkshire pudding, simple but good. Yummy, yummy.

This was in my mobile for a while - we had this dish - without the puddings - on my birthday. :-)

Let me introduce you to our little old car. It is little - a compact car, to help the driver-to-be here to park anywhere. And it is old - so if I scratch it I don't feel sorry about it (unless I scratch it in some else's car and have to pay to fix it). It cost less than half of my original budget, but with insurance and road tax it is not that cheap.

My plan is to take the practical test (I pass the theory test already) in September and hopefully pass and get the UK driving license. I have the Brazilian one but it is just a pain to transfer it to Portugal and have the EU license, so let's try the easiest way. Easy is a nice way to put it, but it is not that easy to drive in this country, especially when you are trying to get the license. Full of little details and things that NOBODY does in the daily driving... Oh, well. Good luck for me.


  1. Wow it'a a pretty litlle's very nice and you'll soon appreciate its size when in trafiic. It's amazing to see the small parking spaces where that car can fit. I have one comparable at work.
    I like its colour!...and how one of our friends would say seems like a "happy car"....friendly and smiling!
    Good luck with your driving licence and while driving in London.

  2. Ha Ha!! The RULES! Here is the same, you have to obey some "stupid" rules when you take the test, things that you may never use again in your driving life. For example here it is compulsory to do parallel parking (I know, I know, in Europe it is vital that you are able to do it, very well) but here you almost never do it, even if you find a spot, you can go 5m down the road and find a place where you do not need to do it. So what is the purpose? They just like to torment people.


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