Monday, May 26, 2008

Long time no write!

Shit, over a month without coming here. At least I gave you the time and chance to comment on (very) old posts.

No excuses, apart from... lazyness. My trademark by now.

Today is bank holiday in the UK - unlike in Brazil and in the USA, here you don't need to have a reason to be holiday. It is and that's it. No Saint's Day (shocking: St George is the patron of England and is the people in Rio de Janeiro who celebrate the date!), no Independence Day (of course), no The Day We Invade that Country Day...

Cipri is working, so I'm home alone. I'm happy coz the weather outside is really bad. Raining since before 7am - I know because I woke up with him to take him to the train station - and didn't stop until now, 1.15pm. I'm going to Mariana's house to help with the boxes. She is moving West - and now we are the last of the Moicans here in the SouthEast.

There's Lelei and Gu in the South East too! And Meytal and Zac's in the (far)East! And Maryam and Marco in the... city? (where's Islington/Angel?), so yeah, there's a healthy balance now. We just need to do more stuff together, eh? We always tend to meet around our work place, so it's not too bad. Just weekends that used to be more around our area because we have a free tennis court nearby.

But, hey, here are the news: we bought a (very old) car and we can go wherever - engineering works are no longer a problem! It's a Nissan Micra green(ish). Have I ever mentioned that I am totally crap driving?? If not, I am saying this now. I am the reason why comments such as "go back to the kitchen, woman - you are better driving the hob" exist. A couple of reasons for this: I was never interested in driving and never needed to drive; when I decided to take driving lessons to get my license, I realized that didn't like to drive at all; and finally, after the car accident - a car ran over me in 2005, 3 months before moving to London - I got also very scared of cars in general. A car is a leathal weapon. Full stop.

OK, this said, I am slowly (very slowly, loosing my nerves quite often) "learning" to drive - and learning to drive my car - and getting used to the idea. We ordered a GPS yesterday, it will arrive in a couple of days. At least my lack of sense of direction won't be a big obstacle. I'll keep you posted!

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  1. This is definitely one thing we have in common. I do not like to drive. I never had to before coming to US, and even now it is very rare that I have too. George enjoys it and I am always happy to let him enjoy it.
    I have not posted something on my blog in a looooong time too, but I was BUSY.


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