Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm crap

So many emails to write, so many people to see, so much to talk and do. I lost my ability to multitask. I still love you all and think about you all the time. :-) Yeah, I had some funny champagne drink with some sort of yellow juice.
So here are some messages:
* Anca, I do have an email for you on my draft folder. I will write you very soon!!!
* Eriquinha, Mau & Baby Bo: I'm so happy when I see pics for Vinny with Pingu around. It's great to see that he liked it - Cipri has one as well but he doesn't give a shit. :-( By the way, Bo is just so so so gorgeous!!
* Ioana: been checking your blog from time to time. :-) I guess I will end up learning some Romanian through you.
* Carmen: Andrei is so gorgeous too! Love seeing the photos and following his steps.

Geez, I feel like an auntie, with so many babies around and checking their evolution and telling Cipri the news "Andrei is walking", "Baby Bo is going to the nursery", "Felipe loves the Backyardigans", "Look how big they are!".

By the way, Cipri hates this baby talk. I guess he thinks I will freak out and get one for myself. I wish life was that simple. Love babies, but too scared of having one. I guess I will wait Anca give the first step. hahaha No pressure, take your time.


  1. I'm with you on the "love them but to scared to have one". I have excuses right now but I do not know what will happen when I won't have them anymore. Seeing so many people have babies is kind of tempting. But I am waiting for Anca to have one first.

  2. Common girls! :) It's great! Once you have you'll wonder how the heck you lived without having the little bugger next to you. However partners are part of the deal...:)..and GOD your entire repertoire is chainging...talking diapers and feeding becomes dangerously exciting...he he he


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