Friday, February 22, 2008


I think I've mentioned our lack of planning for 2008. While in 2007 we had our five bank holidays planned way in advance, this year we might not go for any international trip.
On the other hand, we have plans to visit England because since I arrived in this country in September 2005, the only place I've been to was Brighton. Once. Full stop.
Tomorrow we are catching the 9am train to Warwick (where the Warwick Castle -duh - and the Warwick Cathedral - duh - are. But, a-ha, the Warwick University is in Coventry!). We are spending the weekend there and Saturday evening we are heading to Leamington Spa (not sure why so many towns in England have "Spa" in the name;one day I will research about it, but now I'm too lazy) for a birthday party.
And the weekend after this we are renting a car and going... somewhere. As Zeca Pagodinho would say "let life carry me on". Or something like that.
Back to Warwick, I went there in 1998. I remember some bits and bobs, but the images are not that clear - especially because it was a 30 day trip full of castle and museum going. Anyway, Warwick Castle now belongs to Madame Tussaud's group, so we will have loads of wax dolls around, which is always fun when you are a tourist.
Hopefully we will bring some nice photos to share and we won't be lazy to upload them. :-)


  1. Carmen1:53 AM

    he he he...this where I get on a lazy Thursday at work. Kids are out a trip and I browsing blogs.
    Hi Chris! :)

  2. Anonymous1:55 AM

    I'm browsing...rats!
    Me again...


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