Monday, February 25, 2008

From the series: "I hate Mondays"

Mondays are such horrible days, aren't they? Especially after such a nice weekend. As I said a couple of posts ago, we went to Warwick. Saturday visit the Warwick Castle and had one of the worst meals ever (inside the castle) and then went to Royal Leamington Spa for a birthday party. Sunday we walked around Warwick and when we realized that there's not much to do in Warwick except going to the church or watching TV, we hopped onto a bus and went to Leamington. Very cute little town, white and bright, still small but lively. And very important: stores are opened on Sunday!

In Leamington I had one of th most delightful experiences of my life: a squirrel came to eat on my hand!!!! :-D It's like heaven - they are sooooooo cute! Shame that I didn't have any food to offer, I literally cheated on him showing my empty hand and he trusted me! Oh, well, I hope he doesn't hold the grudge.

Also in Leamington we had the best meal of the year (so far). We went to Alfonso's, a Portuguese restaurant, and our waiters were Brazilians, of course. :-D Very lovely people. I had king prawns, Cipri had a very nice steak (bife a cavalo), Mari and Guilherme had the same cod fish. All delicious. Yummy, yummy. Sad to think that we are back to crappy meals. :-(

We do have very few photos, but we haven't download them yet. Same old, same old.

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