Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Story from Morocco (1)

We were in this tent in the desert, chatting with the owner of the tent business, who seemed an wise and experienced man. The three of us listening carefully to everything he had to say, like three kids listing to grandpa's childhood stories.

Cipri: - so, were you already alive during Mohammed V's (*) reign?
The wizard (I can't remember his name, but it meant "life" in arabic): - No, I didn't see Mohammed V govern. Not even Hassan II. But I prefer Mohammed VI to all of them. He works very hard.
The wizard: - so any of you have children?
Us: - not yet. Too young.
The wizard: how old are you?
Chris & Cipri: 30
Roberto: 34.
The wizard: - 30!?!?!? I thought that you (me) were 20. And you (Roberto) 20. And you (Cipri) 22. You know, because of the beard.
Us: - how old are you?
The wizard: - 26.

(*) Mohammed V was Morocco's Sultan and King from 1927 to 1961, when he died. He was replaced by his son Hassan, who died in 1999. The actual king of Morocco is Mohammed VI, Hassan's son. His picture is all over Morocco like a popstar. Our trip was delayed in a few hours because the roads were closed to him.

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  1. sensacional! Mas, o cara tinha cara de muito mais velho? Barbudao? O jeito de falar e tal? Muito engracado. Tem tambem o fato de que temos mais dificuldade de avaliar a idade de pessoas de outras etnias diferentes (tanto de la pra ca, quanto de ca pra la).
    Funny story. Glad to see you back;-)


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