Monday, July 02, 2007

Fotolete da Estrela

There you go, Maryam. I forgot to tell you that although we say "fofoletchi", it's spelled fofolete.

The photo on the left is the original version, from the 70's? 80's? I don't know, to be honest, but I remember that I loved them when I was a kid.

The other two images are the "modern" versions. Now they come in a heart shaped box instead of a matchbox. I wonder if it was a anti-cigarette campaign or a feminist act!


  1. They are very, very sweet. I don't think we had them in the states, but it's def. the kind of toy I would have loved to have as a little one.
    Thanks for posting this Chris! Fofolete mystery revealed - I am now enlightened....ahhh.....

  2. hello, i loved matchbox dolls. In the Netherlands we called them "luciferpoppetjes". In the early 80's I bought three matchboxndolls and I still have them. Do you know where ik can buy them? Here in the Netherlands they are very hard to find! I have a photo of my dolls on http;// The blog called luciferpoppetjes. If you know where to find these dolls you can leave a comment on my site (if you want).



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