Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh gosh...

When I was on my way to work this morning, I heard the speakers in the tube stations announcing that Piccadilly Circus Station was closed "due to an incident in the area". Usually I ignore these announcements, because British are so cautious that they close tube stations if you have a small pond after a heavy rain - especially when in other parts of the country 3 people died because of the flood. I remember when all the trains were delayed or cancelled because of the snow. Less than 0.5 cm of snow! Not to mention the advices of "stay at home". Whatever.

So, here is the reason why Piccadilly Circus was closed this morning:

"A car bomb planted in central London would have caused "carnage" if it had exploded, police sources have said."

Just a quick observation: this area is where I go to the cinema almost every week. We were there last Wednesday.

Maggie - Lili's sister - is leaving London today. During her two weeks here the temperatures dropped from 20-something degrees to 10°C, the heavy rain flooded the whole country, the rain wouldn't stop in London, and now this! Thank God her last week was so good that there is no way she will hate the city! But I think she should go to Northeastern desert in Brazil next time, to help with the droughts. She is the personification of the Dance of the Rain. People who know about her trips to Rio will understand.

By the way, I am fine. Alive and kicking. And stupidly sleepy. Amen.

The plans for the weekend? Go for a coffee after work, sleep early. Go to The Chocolate Society tomorrow and sleep early. Sleep deeply on Sunday.

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  1. I am seriously contemplating staying home on 7 July - so scarrrry!
    I miss Maggie already :-(
    Thank you guys for coming out and showing your love and support last night. I am tired today as well, but it was looooovely.


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