Friday, June 29, 2007

My guardian angel is a star (*)

I don’t remember feeling sick due lack of sleep before. Probably I did, but I don’t recall the feeling. Today was one of these days and it doesn’t feel good.

I decided to walk from work (near Tottenham Court Road Station) to Charing Cross train station. I decided to take a different path. I got lost, but it wasn’t my decision. I could feel my brain moving in a different pace, the world turning, people getting blurred. I had this horrible urge to throw up – the stomach was a bit empty, which it proved to be good.

I manage to arrive at the train station painfully, but I couldn’t help stopping for 3 minutes at Trafalgar Square. There was a Canada Day thingy happening there, a few blocks away from where the car bomb was discovered. Oh well, who wants to blow the Canadians anyway – they are nice folks and have the best accent out of all native English spoken people.

I was fighting against the dizziness and trying to go as fast as I could before I faint there and ruin the Canadian party. Being the centre of attention is not something I really enjoy.

I manage to get home safe and sound, I did have time to spend 5 minutes online and drink a glass of milk before fainting completely for many hours. It wasn’t merely sleep; I’m sure my soul left my body for a while. It wasn’t a “good night of sleep”, not pleasant at all. After many hours, I received a text message from Mariana, I read it but when I tried to reply it I couldn’t type. The words would like this ‘dormjdho, cansdjiea, num sei oendm to’ (sleoeing, taeired, weeer m i). I’m glad I didn’t send. Hehe By the way, I didn’t reply after I woke up because it’s a bit too late now and I am against texting – or calling – people after 10 pm.

I’m alive, still tired, sleepy, and hungry, but I guess I’m alright now.


(*) I don't know about you, but I'm a bit annoyed about the expression "you're a star!" people use here. I always feel like answering "I am indeed".

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  1. I think u should answer I am indeed! hahaha - they d be so surprised! English people don t know how to react to self-esteem, you are always supposed to diminish yourself and say things like "not too bad" instead of I m very well....


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