Saturday, June 30, 2007

A little help for my friends

Things I think in the train: I don't have that many friends with kids. I'm 30, so this means that either my friends are TOO young or people are having kids when they are too old. According to Salma Hayek, this is true. She is 40 and pregnant of her first child. Independent women, they think first on their careers, financial stability and then in raising a family.

I am a bit like this too – but just because I am too scared of having kids, otherwise the first one would have come when I was 18. I always wanted to have kids when I was young, so I could enjoy them more and be a young grandmother.

And today, because the world is such a harsh place to live in, because of unemployment, low salaries, blah blah blah, couples are always waiting for the right moment. There is no such thing: the right moment is when you want.

So, I am starting a campaign to get all my friends pregnant. I want to be an aunt! :) I do have some friends that did their part, and I am posting their sweet little artwork to inspire you all!

The first baby is Sophia, my friend Karla's little princess. She is almost 6 month old now. They both live in Rio/Brazil and I just met Sophia in her mom's tummy. The second one is Isaac, my friend Inês' big boy. I'm not so sure, but I think he has just turned 1 year old (or two?). Inês was one of those people that said: the moment is now! They both live in Boston (or somewhere close)/US. I haven't met him either. It's a good excuse to visit NY soon.
As for myself, mine is already ordered. For 2012.


  1. Sorry BABE, no can do! :-P
    Hey, Honey counts, doesn't she? ;-)

    ps - "fofoletch" doesn't retutn images in Google :-(

  2. 2012, yeah, when I turn 35. Of just before. hehehe

    Maryam, check this link:

    It's the modern fofolete, but still... I'll try to find an old one and publish here.

  3. hahahahahahahaha
    2012!!! TUDODIBOM!
    Depois da uma olhada nos e-mails... =)
    Sobre os filhotes de Lalá... Vixe... Ainda não decidi o que quero fazer em relação a isso.


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