Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I guess the video below is not working. Well, it was the brand new trailer of Pirated of the Caribbean 3, to be launched in May.

Just to show how picky I am: below you can see a photo of Cipri's b-day cake. See the division between the top and the bottom? I tried to cover it with brigadeiro and that's why I soaked the cake with it. And that's why I was so upset: real cakes don't show their marks. :-( Maybe next time!


  1. OMG! If you see the first bday cake I made for Joe, you would be sooo hapy about yours ! And teh brigadeiros?? Were soooo mushy, some people called it `chernobil` brigadeiros :( It looks delicious Chris ;)

  2. Mas ficou simpatico...pelo menos as velas coloridas deram um charme:-)

  3. fala sério, frescura num rola! tá bonito e maneiro e devia estar um fenômeno! Tu tá é fishing for a compliment!!!


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