Saturday, March 03, 2007

I have found out that if I include a huge title (at least two lines), my little pink pig on the left will appear completely. W-O-W

This week was tough. I worked a lot, carried loads of boxes, worked from 7 am to 1 am, ate a lot of fatty food, stood up on high heels for 8 hours, etc, etc, etc. My body is so in pain that I feel like I've been working out every single day. I'm not complaining, just sharing the information. For this reason, I feel like sleeping the whole weekend. I can barely keep my eyes opened. But I am a strong woman and I will finish this post (especially because I am talking to mom on MSN and this conversation will last long).

Tomorrow Cipri will turn 30. He is coping with the new fact, but it is quite scary. Scary because in 3 months and a half will be my turn. I have to confess that I am not prepared to become 3.0 yet. In fact, I've never left my 2.2. 30 means that I have lived half of my life and I don't feel like I have done half of the things I wanted to. My list is huge and it keep increasing. To be honest, I haven't done half of the things I've expected to do before my 30's. :-(

It's true that I've done some things that weren't on my list before, like moving to London, getting the portuguese nationality, doing a masters, putting on 8 kg and breaking my leg. Now I have a brand new list for the next 5 years, to catch up with the missing things and don't feel too depressed when I turn 35. What is in this list? A trip to Australia, learn another foreign language (which will probably be Romanian), learn how to cook (well), and disappear with these 8 extra kilos. I'm not being too ambicious here because I don't want to get frustrated if I don't manage to do everything.

Speaking about cooking, did I tell you that I cooked vatapah last weekend? It wasn't too bad, but I took Mari too serious when she said to use a lot of ginger. Another thing that I have problem when cooking is the amount of food I prepare! My feijoada usually last for 2 weeks! Man, nobody can eat feijoada for so long. Besides not being healthy, it gets boring after two days! (the dearest reader is probably asking him/herself: "how does she expect to lose 8 kilos eating this kind of food?" I don't know, I ask myself the same question).

Just a last paragraph on food & birthday: tomorrow I will adventure myself in the kitchen again. I will (try to) prepare a lasagna and a chocolate cake. Fingers crossed!


  1. quero fotos das delicias do fim de semana ;)
    ps. nao consigo parar de rir lendo seus posts!

  2. flor, não to conseguindo comentar no fotolog nem autorizando pop-ups! que merda... =( vou tentar do trabalho.
    bjs bjs!

  3. poeiraaaaaaaaa, poeiraaaaaaaa, tah na hora de tirar a poeiraaaaaaaa


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