Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ooops, I did it again!

There are at least 2 more The Bonkers videos to edit. They are going to be famous!

So far I have eight videos on You Tube. The very first one uploaded was a message from Mariana to a friend in Brazil. I didn't promote this video, as it was personal, but it is set as "public" in You Tube. 51 views. Then we have two video of Lilian. The 1st one with 53 views and the 2nd one with 46. There is also a Romanian Christmas Carols, which has 565 views. My record so far. My sweet snow video, Beautiful Day, has 85 views and some sould voted it 5 stars. Thank you, stranger! :-) At last, but not least, the very first The Bonkers's video has now 14 views, but I had to correct it and substitute it; the previous version had over 50 views!

I feel sorry that the quality is so crap!

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