Saturday, February 17, 2007

'Lost', 'The good, the bad and the ugly' and other Saturday goodies...

Woke up late today, like I promised myself! I hs been a lazy lazy Saturday. We've seen a couple of Lost episodes, season 1, as I've never seen any before. Well, I read everything about it, so watching the episodes is just to illustrate the scripts I read before.

We also saw The Good, The Bad and The Ugly... I slept during the film, but I saw enough. Enough to see how CLint Eastwood was gorgeous when he was young! I've always preferred Harrison Ford, but it was simply because I had never seen Clint Eastwood young.

This week the consumism virus caught me. I love Boots and I decided to buy soap there, instead of buying in a supermarket. I left the store 22 pounds poorer. I bought not only liquid soap (Dove - 2 for 1), but also microwavable wax (yeah, still couldn't find a cheap place here and I still didn't give up trying to learn myself - I hate razors), 3 creams for cellulites (1 pound each, clearing stock thing), those scrubs for face (my face skin is shit!), a travel bag for make-up with some creams in (1 pound!) and an empty 100 ml bottle to put shampoo/cream in so I can take it to my trips. When you take liquids and creams in your bagpack, you can only carry 100 ml bottles. We lost a Body Shop cream and liquid shower gel last trip because they were 200 ml. :-( The damn little bottle cost 1.20, more expensive than the L'Oreal cellulite cream!

Speaking of cellulites... I've sent some pictures of my cellulites to a magazine which is looking for guinea-pigs to test new products/treatments. Ha! I was shortlisted and will soon find out if my cellulited butt will feature in the magazine! :-P Yeah, it is a bit embarrassing, but if the treatment is good, it will be worth it!

Ok, gotta go enjoy the last hours of my super dupper lazy Saturday. I'm hungry! :-

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