Friday, January 26, 2007

Something is going out of the order...

Me so so so tired. I am too used t my ex-student life. Oh dear. We spent the weekend in Copenhagen. More snow, yey! Not too cold, thank God (in Finland the temperature varies between -14 and -29C). Nice place, nice people, nice trip. But... there's always a but. Easyjet and all budget airlines suck! There is always an excuse to delay. On our way to Denmark was the snow. On our way back was an extra person in the plane. They took one hour to figure out that it was a communication problem. Conclusion: we arrived at home 2 in the morning, me having to wake up at 7 am! Not going to mention that, on Friday, we went to bed at 11 pm to wake up at 2h30 am! :-D Do you want more? Wait until my travel blog is updated.

Until this day arrives, here are some pictures of me in a happy-happy-joy-joy moment. Yeah, me and the kids.. :-P

Me pretending to be an eskimo.

Me and my best friend!

Me proving that gravity exists, except in photos. Can you hear the Yuuuuupyyyyy?

More pictures to come. And videos too. And news. By the way, if you want to know where we are going next, just check Cipri's blog. Many trips plans! :-D Which means less time to write to friends and write daily blogs.

Gotta go. Take care & be safe!

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  1. tres coisas:
    1- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    tb quero viajar!!!!! hahaha
    2- cah entre nos, vc eh doidinha mesmo hein!?!??!
    3- LINDAAAA sua foto de close. LINDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa


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